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E21 United

E21 United

inspirational performance group

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Be on the look out for Brin's Slide dropping on the 21st of March. Click below to pre-order.





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E21 United


E21 United, with roots in Atlanta, includes writer/vocalist Yolanda Everett, and her brother Charles Everett, also a vocalist who produces, mixes and raps. In addition to music, the duo has another professional connection in common: Both are teachers working in metro Atlanta. Two siblings with one common goal  make for part of the reason behind the E21 United name, which comes from scripture: Ephesians 2:1. Additionally, the number two represents the pair of siblings - Yolanda and Charles, while the number one represents one goal of spreading the good news that people can use to enhance their life.

After the Altar Call


Atlanta, Ga


Blending gospel, R&B and rap, gospel group E21 United aims to “reach listeners where they are and lift them to a higher plateau,” says vocalist Yolanda Everett, through songs that “teach listeners about God’s eternal love for us and the love we should express to others.” One of those songs, “Lord You’ve Been So Good,” makes for the first single release by E21United, and is receiving airplay in the metropolitan Atlanta area and other markets in the Southeast. 

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