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Blending gospel, R&B, and rap: E21 United aims to reach listeners where they are and lift them to a higher plateau. E21 United, with roots in Atlanta, includes writer/vocalist Yolanda Everett, and her brother Charles Everett, also a vocalist who produces, mixes and raps. In addition to music, the duo has another professional connection in common: Both are teachers working in metro Atlanta. Two siblings with one common goal  make for part of the reason behind the E21 United name, which comes from scripture: Ephesians 2:1. Additionally, the number two represents the pair of siblings - Yolanda and Charles, while the number one represents one goal of spreading the good news that people can use to enhance their life. The E21 United sound, explains Yolanda, "leaves listeners wondering in which category the music should be placed. It's not quite the traditional gospel sound," she adds, "because it infuses rap and R&B laced with thick R&B beats that make you bob your head up and down because the music sounds and feels so good." That sound can be heard Sundays from 7 a.m. to noon on WPGN Radio Atlanta's "Good News Gospel" hosted by veteran radio personality Twanda Black. Other stations include WFKX 96 KIX in Jackson, Tennessee, WSGE 91.7 FM in Dallas, North Carolina, and WMGY 800 AM/99.3 FM and WJIC Network Internet Radio, both in Montgomery, Alabama. It also had consistent airplay time on Atlanta's WALR KISS 104.1 FM. E21 United formed in January 2020. Working together on a plethora of individual music projects, it only made sense for everyone to unite as one powerful group.
The group's first single is "Lord You've Been So Good," and indeed He has. E21 United is working hard to spread the good news to all through beautiful music that is sure to make you listen.

E21 United member Lonnie Edwards has decided to step away from the group to focus on family and being a great dad. E21 United member Charles Everett says, “Being a father is a hard job, and that’s what Lonnie really wants to do right now. We’re here for him and he knows that we will always have his back. As always, respect and much love Brother Lonnie. We wish you every good thing with all of your future endeavors and may God continue to cover and bless you and your family.”

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